Creating middleware

One of the great things about JsonMapper is that it is highly extensible. If the out-of-the-box middleware don’t meet your specific needs, it’s very easy to create your own custom middleware to handle your specific use case.

To create your own middleware, you need to define a class that implements the JsonMapper\Middleware\MiddlewareInterface interface. This interface requires the implementation of a single method called process, which takes the input JSON data and the target PHP object as arguments, and returns the transformed PHP object.

Here’s an example of how to create a simple middleware that converts a JSON string to an array before it’s mapped to a PHP class:

use JsonMapper\Middleware\AbstractMiddleware;
use JsonMapper\JsonMapperInterface;
use JsonMapper\ValueObjects\PropertyMap;
use JsonMapper\Wrapper\ObjectWrapper;

class CustomMiddleware extends AbstractMiddleware
    public function handle(
        \stdClass $json,
        ObjectWrapper $object,
        PropertyMap $propertyMap,
        JsonMapperInterface $mapper
    ): void {
        // Custom logic goes here.

Once you’ve created your custom middleware, you can add it to the middleware stack using the addMiddleware method of the JsonMapper or JsonMapperFactory classes, like this:

$mapper = JsonMapperBuilder::new()
    ->withMiddleware(new CustomMiddleware())